Corporate Finance

How it works ?

Optimio allows you to have a part-time Chief Financial Officer for :

  • Set up decision support tools – reporting, dashboards, etc.
  • Improving management processes, including the implementation of information systems
  • Have long-term visibility – budgets, business plans
  • Support your strategic operations – Merger, Acquisition, Restructuring

Optimio part-time CFOs have learned with :

The pros of a part-time Chief Financial Officer

Optimio eases your access to the best CFOs on a timeshare basis to meet your needs and structure your business.

A la carte operational expertise: when you want and where you want
Optimization of cash flow and working capital: management tools, monitoring and renegotiations.
The implementation of performance indices (KPIs) and high-performance dashboards
Consolidation of your business plan and your entire financial strategy
1 Business case : Interim Management

Business sector: Industry
Size: SME with sales of 100-150M euros
Context: In a context of transition following a takeover of the company, the management wanted to call upon an optimio interim manager.

Diagnosis & Implementation

Our smart diagnostic has allowed the managers to have a clear vision of the needs and priorities:

  • Making internal control more reliable, improving management processes
  • Reorganize all financial information functions and systems.

Following the diagnosis, we selected and proposed a shortlist of independent experts with the appropriate profile. Finally, the manager quickly received a clear, packaged proposal and met with the selected expert.


Mission achieved:

  • Revamping of decision support tools: adaptation and updating of dashboards and KPIs.
  • ERP update: the optimio expert has carried out the various updates of the ERP used (M3) to make it useful
  • Management and re-motivation of the teams to face the uncertainty linked to the takeover


Our added value:

– Speed of execution: Presentation of a qualified expert, reference check and detailed support proposal in less than 48 hours.

– Relevance: You benefit from a dedicated coach who helps you maximize the profitability of each day spent with the expert.

– Flexibility: The number of mission days can be adapted according to need, little financial commitment on the part of the company.

– Full support: Complete follow-up and access to our network of partners for all your specific issues (law firm, specialized consulting firms, etc.)