Financing expert

How it works ?

Optimio provides you with a financing expert for :

  • Secure regional and European subsidies
  • Optimizing your Research or Innovation Tax Credit
  • Financing your growth and investments

Optimio financing experts have learned with :

The pros of a financing expert

Optimio eases your access to the ideal expert who will help you maximise your chances of securing grants & subsidies.

Optimization of the choice and amounts of financing
Minimize the time spent internally on the constitution of files
More chances to win public competitions and grants
Increase your credibility with your customers and partners
1 Business case: Financing innovation

Business sector: Saas-type platform
Size: Startup with more than 100 employees
Context: Seeking public funding for an innovative start-up in full development

Diagnosis and implementation :

Our smart diagnosis allowed the leaders to have a clear vision of the needs and priorities, namely:

  • Establish a public funding strategy
  • Targeting the most interesting grants and tax credits
  • Securing the receipt of such public aid

Following the diagnosis, we selected and proposed a shortlist of independent experts with the appropriate profile. Finally, the manager quickly received a clear, packaged proposal and met with the selected expert.

Mission achieved:

  • Identification of projects eligible for the Research Tax Credit
  • Identification of projects eligible for PM’up and Innov’Up regional grants
  • Drafting and follow-up of files
  • Setting up a monitoring system to identify the various regional subsidies.


Our added value :

– Speed of execution: Presentation of a qualified expert, verification of references and detailed proposal of support in less than 24 hours.

– Relevance: You benefit from a dedicated coach who helps you maximize the profitability of each day spent with the expert.

– Flexibility: The number of mission days can be adapted according to need, little financial commitment on the part of the company.

– Full support: Complete follow-up and access to our network of partners for all your specific issues (law firm, specialized consulting firms, etc.)