Information system expert

How it works ?

Optimio provides you with an expert in information systems for :

  • In-depth audit of your existing tools
  • Define your IT strategy aligned with your challenges
  • Assist you in your choice of market solutions
  • Assisting the project owner during the implementation phases
  • Evaluating IS performance
  • Defining and implementing processes in coordination with your teams

Optimio IS experts have learned with

The pros of an independent expert in information systems

We eases your access to the services of an information systems expert, who will be able to help you in all stages of setting up or improving your information system.

A framed project, with precise needs identified: no waste of time.
Simple, turnkey solutions adapted to your situation: no labyrinthine !
A support during negotiations with external service providers.
Independent expert that assure you of objective choices and advice.
1 Business case: Transformation of the information system

Business sector: Logistics
Size: SME with 50 employees
Context: In a context of strong growth, an SME wished to call upon an optimio IS expert to manage the change of its information system.

Diagnosis and implementation :

Our smart diagnosis allowed the leaders to have a clear vision of the needs and priorities, namely:

  • Auditing the existing IS to know its strengths and weaknesses
  • Define the “must have” and “nice to have” of the chosen solution
  • Preparing all the business teams for the change of IS

Following the diagnosis, we selected and proposed a shortlist of independent experts with the appropriate profile. Finally, the manager quickly received a clear, packaged proposal and met with the selected expert.


Mission achieved: 

  • Audit of the information system used
  • Building a benchmark of industry practices
  • Setting up an operational committee dedicated to change management involving the business teams affected by the change.
  • Definition and design of the appropriate solution
  • Participate in the delivery of the solution and ensure compliance
  • Change management support
  • Definition of the training needs of each of the business employees


Our added value

– Speed of execution: Presentation of a qualified expert, with recommendations checked and detailed support proposal in less than 48 hours.

– Relevance: You benefit from a dedicated coach who helps you maximize the profitability of each day spent with the expert.

– Flexibility: The number of mission days can be adapted according to need, little financial commitment on the part of the company.

– Full support: Complete follow-up and access to our network of partners for all your specific issues (law firm, specialized consulting firms, etc.)